Solar Water Heating



Residential Dometic Hot Water

Systems can be reconfigured to allow for individual needs. Examples include: Full feature controller, larger tanks, exhange drainback tanks, variable speed pumps, etc.

We recommend the following systems that will produce Preheated water for your existing Domestic Hot Water Sytem

System #: A255-10-301

For 1 to 2 people Domestic Hot Water

System #: A379-10-301

For 3 to 4 people Domestic Hot Water

System #: A4105-10-301
For 4 to 6 people Domestic Hot Water


United Solar Supply LLC offers products that may require professional installation. United Solar Supply LLC recommends hiring a HVAC professional trained in the service and repair of HVAC/R appliances. Parts sold by United Solar Supply LLC may require specialized tools and/or procedures for safe and reliable operation of the effected systems. Buyer(s) specifically holds United Solar Supply LLC harmless for injury, property damage, or other losses associated with the use of items purchased from United Solar Supply. It is not the intention of United Solar Supply LLC to encourage the servicing of HVAC/R appliances by untrained personnel, rather to "allow the public to purchase the necessary parts directly" for use by trained and/or licensed professionals.