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Solar exchangers

Pools, domestic hot water, snow melt or radiant applications.
Specialty Exchangers are also available for Chlorinated or Salt Water pools. These include Titanium and Cooper-Nickel Alloy.
Transfer fluids typically used are: water or gylcol such as Cryo-Tec, DowFrost, Xceltherm CE, Corn Glycol, and Dynalene Solar Glycol 50
Warning: Always use a non-toxic solution as a transfer solution whenever Domestic Hot Water is being heating in an exchanger.

Flat Plate Brazed Heat Exchanger - Plate material: Stainless 316L

Flat Plate Brazed Heat Exchanger click here for the Flat Plate Selection Guide

MSRP: based on sizing. Refer to chart above or contact us.

Side Arm Heat Exchanger -This unit is constructed from 100% copper components, and soldered with lead free solder. We have included a special spiral turbulator which drastically increases heat transfer characteristics by producing turbulence and a vortex flow, which increases the BTU transfer between the fluids. Measures 1-1/2" OD x 3/4" ID x 30" long(standard length).
The length can be customized to meet your needs.

Side Arm Heat Exchanger

MSRP: $175.00 +

Pool Heat Exchanger -Our Titanium or Stainless Steel pool heat exchangers are manufactured entirely of titanium to ensure corrosion resistance to chlorinated pool and spa water and longer equipment life. Due to the high flow rates through the heat exchangers, it inherently is a self cleaning equipment. The high flow rate of the pool water going through the shell and boiler water through the tubes, leads to low pressure drop.

Pool Heat Exchanger Click here for more details on Pool Exchangers

MSRP: based on sizing(BTU requirement) and material (stainless/Titanium)

contact us for pricing