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About Us

our founders and principles



Our founders combine decades of manufacturing and engineering experience and talent. We constantly are researching better products and understanding designs that are built to last. All employees and dealers are selected first and foremost based on their motivation towards Environmental Awareness and Conservation.

We are a Long Island, NY based Solar Equipment company suppling the globe. Our main Solar Thermal Panel and complete systems facility is located in Bohemia, New York.

Our President and CEO has 10+ years as the head of several successful companies focused on renewables.
Our Engineering Manager is a Licensed PE for 25+ years, written numerous works on alternative energies and gives several lectures around the country.
Our Production Manager has spent 15+ years in manufacturing.
Our Quality Control Manager started and has maintained an ISO9000 system since 2003.

Our guiding principle is simple; Minimize the human Carbon Footprint. We do this by promoting solar thermal systems and providing high performance solar hot water technologies at the lowest possible price.