Solar Water Heating

Heated Driveways and Walkways

This system is similar in concept and design to radiant floor heating used in many homes today. The system makes a lot of sense for locations in the colder climates. It provides a great alternative to distributing salt and other chemicals into the environment. Pedestrians are at less risk of slipping on a ice free walkway.

This can benefit several areas; for commercial properties to help reduce liability. Save time and effort, especially on those longer driveways.

Installation of Ice/Snow melt System

There are two main types of systems; Electric and Hydronic. Both systems can be installed under the paving. The electric is in the form of a cable and the hydrondic uses PEX tubing with antifreeze liquid circulating inside. This cable or tubing is coiled throughout the length of the area.

Because of the nature of the system it is best to consider them during a new construction or a replacement of existing walkway or driveway.

Benefits of a Heated Driveway and walkway

After being installed by a professional, the advantages are tremendous.

The environment is protected from additional salts and chemicals.

There is reduced or no snow shoveling

Ease of egress in case of emergency

Reduced liability against slip and falls.

Check with your insurance company and see if they offer a discount for installing such a system.